We solve your problems and achieve excellent results

We are an independent firm comprising a cohesive team of lawyers who are strongly committed to the success of our clients. We are dedicated to solving their most important problems, however complex or critical, obtaining the best outcomes for them.

Our speciality is legal advice in the field of business, where we project our innovative vision of legal practice. We work by in-depth legal analysis coupled with exhaustive knowledge of the sectors and activities of our clients.

Thus, we provide a comprehensive, efficient and rigorous service in which our clients are accompanied proactively and continuously through their projects. Our clients receive high added value from our services and confidence in our ability to offer creative technical solutions that is so important in the face of the different challenges they may confront.


Our structure and orientation distinguish us

Our model is based on a structure that is solidly cohesive and with total customer focus.

For us, the most important things are the success of our clients and exceeding their expectations. With these objectives always in mind, we use our experience to focus our efforts on finding the best solutions, constantly adapting to their needs, with total flexibility and dynamism, and proactively addressing the particular circumstances of each case.

We focus on issues that require the attention and extensive experience of our partners, who are involved in a personal and effective way in the management of them and in the provision of the service.

When tackling each problem, we work together, providing all the experience the different team members possess and the different perspectives that will achieve the best outcomes in each case.


The exercise of our activity is based on solid values.

  • Independence: working freely and autonomously in defending the interests of our clients
  • Cohesion: we are united in a common project
  • Honesty: on which we build our relationships
  • Integrity: in our behaviour as people and professionals
  • Ethics: defines our goals of justice, equity and full respect for the law and the codes of ethics of our profession


We provide legal advice of the highest quality

We have a wide and proven professional experience and provide legal advice of the highest quality in the field of business.

Throughout more than 25 years of professional experience, we have advised family businesses, private and listed companies, local companies and multinationals, of different sizes: from SMEs to larger sized entities.

Our professional background has been developed through the practice of law and provision of legal advice within prestigious national and international firms and multinational corporations. In them, we had the opportunity to participate in important operations in the field of mergers and acquisitions, strategic investments, capital and securities markets; intervening in litigation and complex corporate restructurings; as well as advising entrepreneurs, directors and managers in corporate governance issues and during critical times.


The search for excellence is part of our professional culture.

Continuous improvement and constant search for excellence are an essential part of our professional culture. We understand that only in this way is it possible to achieve the best results.

We are driven by the desire to increase continuously the quality and added value of our services and the satisfaction of our customers and to build long term and increasingly trusting relationships with them.

To achieve these objectives in the most efficient and competitive way, we are dedicated to a permanent commitment to training, technological innovation and the building of our team and our resources.


We think globally and help our clients act locally.

We think globally and help our clients to act locally.

The extensive international experience of our team allows us to advise and accompany our clients in the implementation and development of their businesses and projects in the most diverse locations. Our independence allows us to select and work together with the local firm that provides the most suitable service for the specific needs of each client.