We provide comprehensive advice on corporate law and corporate governance for listed and unlisted companies, both on an occasional and continuous basis.

We provide comprehensive advice in the corporate sphere and regarding corporate governance, both concerning specific issues and on a continuous basis, including the following services:

Company law

  • Secretaries of boards of directors and their committees
  • Preparation and support in general meetings
  • Incorporation of companies
  • Liquidation and winding up of companies
  • Corporate operations: amendment of corporate bylaws and internal regulations, increases and reductions in capital and issuances of convertible and non-convertible debt
  • Structural modifications: company transformations, mergers, splits, global assignments of assets and liabilities and international transfers of domicile
  • Restructuring of companies and groups
  • Composition and election of the administration and management bodies
  • Remuneration systems for administrators
  • Duties and responsibility of administrators
  • Agreements between partners
  • Corporate compliance

Corporate governance

  • Advice to shareholders, directors and senior executives of listed companies
  • Regulations of the general meeting
  • Regulations of the Management Body and its committees
  • Internal rules of conduct
  • Corporate governance reports
  • Payment reports for directors and senior managers
  • Assistance in relations with the National Securities Market Commission, the Alternative Stock Market and interest groups