We work closely with our clients, in order to avoid situations of crisis or insolvency and, eventually, to overcome them in the most favourable manner.

We participate in debt restructuring and refinancing operations, providing comprehensive advice whereby we can deal with the different legal challenges in crisis contexts: from planning to preparation, negotiation and closing of each transaction’s documents.

In addition, we advise debtors throughout the entire bankruptcy procedure, from its preparation to its conclusion, and we take charge of the legal management and the relations and negotiations with all the interested parties. Likewise, we assist creditors in the defence of their interests and in the protection of their loans and guarantees, and we offer advice to buyers, sellers and administrators in operations for the structuring and execution of acquisitions of assets and debt, inside or outside insolvency proceedings.


  • Restructuring of companies and groups
  • Refinancing and debt restructuring
  • Negotiation with creditors
  • Capitalisation of debt, datio in solutum and structuring of guarantees
  • Acquisition of out-of-bankruptcy assets and debt


  • Advice to the debtor in the pre-bankruptcy phase and legal assistance in the bankruptcy procedure
  • Bankruptcy administration
  • Preparation and negotiation of agreements with creditors
  • Advice in the liquidation phase
  • Liability of administrators and legal defence in the qualification phase of the bankruptcy proceedings
  • Acquisitions of bankruptcy assets and debt
  • Advice to creditors for the protection of their credits
  • Enforcement of guarantees